Solderless DC Motor with 1:120 Gear Ratio (2 pack)




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These special DC motors come with a pre-soldered quick-connect board and 20cm wires, so you do not have to solder the wires directly on the motor yourself. These motors operate between 3-6V, and can take 150-200mA of current without a load. They have a gear reduction ratio of 1:120, which is important because they generate enough torque to move around fairly heavy objects.

At 3V, these motors spin at 50 RPM (without a load); and they spin at 100 RPM when given 6V (without a load).

They can be connected to LS9110s Motor Controller Modules after you strip a few centimetres of insulation off of the wires (using something like mini wire strippers).

Project Rover uses four of these motors, so you’ll need to buy two of these 2-packs if you want enough motors to build a kit of your own.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 78 × 28 × 23 mm


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