L9110S Dual-Motor Controller Module (2 Pack)




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These modules contain two L9100s H-Bridge motor controllers each, meaning they can simultaneously drive two small DC motors or a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor. Its power-supply voltage range is 2.5-12V DC, and each of the two channels supports up to 800mA of continuous current output.

There are four holes in each module that are 3mm in diameter. However, since two of the holes are quite close to the module’s screw terminals, it really works best with two M3 screws and two M2.5 screws.

Project Rover uses two of these controller modules, connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W, to drive its four DC motors.

This product is a 2-pack. If you only need one controller, feel free to contact me at matthew@botinabox.ca

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