18650 Li-on Batteries (3.7V – 2 pack)




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This product is a 2-pack of 4000mAh protected 18650 battery cells from Meco. They are rated at 4000mAh each, though that is really just a good estimate. The cells can be used at a voltage of 3.7V DC, and they are rated at 500 recharge cycles by the manufacturer. The cells have a built-in over-charge/discharge protection circuit, for added safety, and they will be shipped properly as they are batteries.

Bot-In-a-Box’s Project Rover kit takes two cells to build the USB Power Bank, so this 2-pack will suffice.

However, as with any Lithium batteries (or any batteries, for that matter), you should handle them with care. Don’t expose them to fire or sources of heat. Don’t puncture them or try to disassemble them, don’t mix new batteries with old/used ones, don’t use them if they look damaged, and be cautious while charging them. Bot-In-a-Box sells this as-is, so you purchase them at your own risk. On Project Rover’s website, the Battery Box Assembly Page is a good read in this case, especially the battery safety clause at the bottom of the page.

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