Hello and welcome to the Bot-In-a-Box Store!

On this site, you can purchase products to build DIY robot kits, like Project Rover. While there is nothing stopping you from buying these products elsewhere, using this site allows me to get a bit of commission income from the sale of merchandise. Don’t worry; for most items, I get a discount, so the price you’d pay here is just about the same as the one you would pay on another website, like eBay.

You can find many of the same products that are on this store on eBay and Amazon too; check a product’s description for other links

Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, all products ordered from this page ship from China, and usually take about 5-6 weeks to arrive. However, I’m not your average dropshipper, since I have personally selected these products to get you the best price possible, saving you the trouble of spending way too many hours scrolling through hundreds of listings (I wouldn’t consider that to be much fun, BTW).

I have also, whenever possible, tested these products myself, just so you know what you’re buying. However, there is a chance that you might get a faulty order, or your order might not arrive, but I will not hesitate to keep you updated via custom e-mail notifications regarding order processing, shipping, delivery, etc.

Please read the Affiliate Links Disclaimer and Privacy/Terms page thoroughly before using this store.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Just thought I would let you know. Thanks!


Matthew Piercey, owner of Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics

NOTE: At this time, the Bot-In-a-Box Store only ships to Canada, and all prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

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