Introducing the all-new robotics kit from Bot-In-a-Box: CodeRcar!

Powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W, CodeRcar is a modular, Linux-compatible, Wifi-enabled robot car platform.

It’s open-source, and you can make your own for around $50 using a 3D Printer and some basic tools and parts that are readily available online!

Check it out on at

Custom Firmware for the Wanhao i3 v2.1 3D Printer

While working on Project Rover, I realized that my 3D Printer really needed an upgrade. So, using Marlin 1.1.9, I developed a custom firmware for it. Check out the open-source firmware on Bot-In-a-Box’s GitHub repo:

Printable Chippy by Bot-In-a-Box

This Chippy figurine is holding up a @Javawockies flag –

3D-Print out your own Chippy figurine today! –

Build-Your-Own Arduino Projects

Bite-sized Arduino projects by Bot-In-a-Box that include the necessary code, instructions, and even a list of parts to buy from eBay!

Available from Bot-In-a-Box’s GitHub repo:

Legacy Training Modules (for the B^3 CE)

Module 0 – Deployment

Module 1 – ThermoBot

Module 2 – ChompBot

Module 3 – AlarmBot

Module 4 – MusicBot