Brand Assets

Welcome to Bot-In-a-Box's Brand Assets page! While we aren't super picky about how you use our branding, we'd appreciate usage that's consistent and easily-identifiable.
Below are some of our brand colours and logos.


Dimdark - #2F2F2F

Bloop - #1818A7

Retrobeige - #C9C3B2

Greyt - #E2E2E2

Orbitron and Roboto are the main fonts we use at Bot-In-a-Box.

See our website tech page for more information on them and the other technologies used to build this site.

Download our Complete Logos Pack! (as a .ZIP file)


Logo Samples (More in the Pack):

Pixel-Art Chippy:

Note about Pixel Art Logos:

They are actually pixel art. As in, every black square is supposed to be one pixel. So, keep that in mind...
I use the following CSS adapted from

.pixellated { image-rendering: pixelated; image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges; image-rendering: crisp-edges; }

Normal Chippy (Monitor):